365 Day Food Challenge


Eleven years ago-December 5th, 2005, I had my first kiddo–my son William.  Handed to me, he was and still is perfect in every way. Simply amazed! I was a mom.  We endeavored on our new adventure together-him a child, me a new Mom!  He grew, he played, he ate.  One day, I had put him down for his nap–I hear screaming from the room he was in–I couldn’t imagine what was going on.  One, his tummy was upset from screaming, the other his eyes were swollen.  First time mom, I thought, perhaps I might be overreacting.  I called my sister–she confirmed, I was not seeing things.  William’s eyes were indeed swollen.  A visit to the doctor was our next step–we visited with William’s Doctor on several occasions, until we were referred to an allergist, for food allergies.

William was confirmed to have food allergies when he was eight months old. They were/are intense and severe.  He is a trooper and has battled his challenge in amazing ways! He is an inspiration.  William is 11.5 and had become more familiar with how food reacts in his body.  Yesterday, I let him know, I want to understand more–I want to know how he feels, more. I want to be a part of his world. Yesterday, I decided to accept for myself a 365 day food allergy challenge.  In a sense I want to put myself in William’s shoes.  This will be my log of my 365 days of a food allergy journey.  Also, information and experiences I have learned through the years about food allergies.


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