Log: Sunday, Day 5

Easter EggToday was Easter!  It was a good day–today, I really had to focus on how William might feel with all the food around him.  Typically, I would–even though I would tell myself I won’t eat this or that –I would–but today, I didn’t.  There are so many things William needs to be cautious about.  It’s not only the food, it’s what others might touch, that he might be able to eat.  Today, the cookies, I wanted to eat the cookies so badly.  Not because they were good for me–mostly because I just wanted them.  I wonder how many times a day  just want things? Just to have them–because he can.  I will ask him.  I will blog what he says.  Or have him blog it–

We had family and friends over as well–they too brought goodies to share.  Typically, I would try or be willing to try what others brought–today, I didn’t.


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