Log Days 2&3

notebook logDay 2–I woke up thinking about bread foods and was pretty hungry for them.  I also felt pretty hungry as well. I went through the day consciously thinking about the foods I am not able to eat and how they could affect William.

Day 3-Much like day 1&2.  Except today, pizza was involved. Usually I will tell myself if pizza is around that I will not eat it, though, I do end up eating it.  Today, no. Focused on the effects of food allergies to someone who is anaphylactic–it is not a choice.  They cannot have it. I did not have it.  I got really hungry in the middle of they day.  I really felt irritable and ravenous.  This is probably how William feels much of the time.  It is important to have foods on hand and ready to eat.


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