Log: Tuesday, 4.18.17, Day 7

notebook logWow! It has been a week.  A week for me, my kiddo eleven years.  When he was younger, it was easier to protect him from the reasoning or lack of reasoning of food allergies.  When he was younger, I kept his body safe.  As he gets older and as he has progressed to getting older–I want to help him keep his mind safe, thinking of himself in a positive way instead focusing on the negatives of having an aliment that not everyone has.  This is partly why I am committed into my 365 food allergy challenge. I am hoping to help William to continue to be strong and look at the positives.  I am hoping to be an increased advocate for him, help him feel supported.  I understand that there are many other ways to support as well–we practice those also.  This is just something I felt strongly about and an idea that “popped” into my head.


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