Log: The Cake Looked Good, Day 11

Saturday–Chex Cereal (corn) for breakfast before heading off to see my husband finish hnotebook logis half marathon.  Celebrating–we went out for ice cream.  Typically I love the fancy waffle cone from Baskin Robbins.  Today, I chose chocolate chip ice cream-William can indulge in that–though he chose three scoops of chocolate ice cream with sprinkles.  Good choice.  Later that day at one of my good friend’s home, she offered me cake that was egg free. I needed to ask what kind of flour was used.  Darn–it had wheat.  The cake looked delicious and I am sure that it tasted just as good.  I passed.  The cautions William must take–the cautions all kids with food allergies must take.  It is hard to make sense out of food that should be good for a body–can also be fatal to the body.  Later that day, I was super hungry. I ate beans/rice and ham.  It satisfied. Pizza was for dinner.  I guaranteed William I would not be eating it.  Some might ask–well why do I bring wheat into the house?  We minimize it–though at the same time wheat is such a huge product and it is found in almost everything.  We work to minimize the amount of foods we have with allergens-though William is allergic to almost all of the top allergens.  Everyone in the house takes extra precaution to keep William’s food environment safe.


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