Top 3 Views on a New Reality: Food Allergies

When William was confirmed to have food allergies–it still wasn’t our norm.  We had to learn a new way of looking at food and the way we handled food.

Washing hands was important before.  Now we needed to wash our hands and make sure not to touch anything that William was allergic to before getting him his food.

Cross Contamination can cause an allergic reaction.  Before food allergies, I never thought about setting a piece of food on a bread plate.  With allergies, if this is done, an allergic reaction occurs.

Food Allergies aren’t real.  In fact, they are really real. For the longest time, I wanted to believe that food allergies were a made up thing. Unfortunately, I think there is a great misunderstanding of food allergies.  There are many that believe that they are not real or made up.  I would confirm this, though I have seen my child in an anaphylactic response five times.  Some because we didn’t understand the severity and some because they were accidents.  Food Allergies are real, to me, I view them as a cell abnormality or an immune deficiency.  Any which way, they are real,



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