Yum, Prunes (Days 16 &17)

Day 16: Pretty normal day…William asked for Prunes.

Day 17: Pretty normal day until I went for the same prunes William had asked for the day before.  Thing is, when I am not sure who has put their hands into a common container–William usually does not eat out of it–so I didn’t.  The reason–if someone put their hands in the container without washing (by accident of course–because if you are ever around me—it is almost like my catch phrase–did you wash your hands) and they had bread (wheat) or another allergen, those proteins from the food that cause a reaction stick.  If they stick, William will react.  I wouldn’t react though–it was so incredibly tempting not to eat those prunes.

Another thing I noticed today–when exercising–I felt like my energy levels were lower, trying to get through my workout.  Wondering—if William gets tired easily because he hasn’t eaten enough? I will keep my eye on it.  Maybe my body is adjusting.

I still want to grab any food to eat…that is still sticking.


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