Log: Days 18, 19, 20 & 21 (May 3rd)

Each of these days has been pretty consistent.  Nothing too much stands out.  I continue to eat the foods that William is able to eat.

In a previous log, I mentioned I was tired a bit and wondered if it was from the change in eating–I am thinking it is not–(I was a little under the weather and that changed my energy levels).  Yesterday, I ran 5 miles and I felt really good!

My other kiddos like French bread–so I got some to make sandwiches.  As I was making them–the bread sure did smell yummy!  Bread is one of my major downfalls when it comes to eating.  I could eat tons of bread. I stuck to strong and did not have the bread.  Definitely another, “golly” moment–knowing that it must be tough for William.


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