Log: Day 22 (May 4th)-Day 33 (May 15) Oh Yes, You Are Doing the Food Challenge

notebook logI am still in the midst of my 365 day food challenge!  Many times by now–in any type of challenge–I would have stopped or cheated or somehow altered what I was doing.  For this one–I have been staying very committed!

Lately we have had things that come into our home that are food items that William cannot eat–which is fine!  Much of the time when this happens–William will say “but I can’t have that–where is my “treat?”.”  Much of the time I would word my way out of it with–we will get something later or “William.” Now–William says to me–“oh yes, you are doing the challenge” and somehow that puts him at ease.  Sometimes he wants something still–though he also realized that he is not alone–and he is not the only one not “having” something.


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